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Posted on Jun 26, 2017

Millennials are tagged as lots of different things–including “the most stressed out people in the United States.


In a 2015 “Stress in America Survey,” the American Psychological Association said while younger adults “are more likely than older generations to report engaging in stress relief activities and they are most likely to say they do not feel they are doing enough to manage their stress. Here’s how some of our in-house millennials let off steam–or simply just have fun.

Rachel Kennedy, 25, Sales Coordinator:

“I write poetry. I often have intense emotions that I can’t flush out any other way. I usually write about relationship drama. My poems are mostly about guys but they’re about my feelings on my position in life. A lot of my writing is about being hopeful, where I fit into the world. It’s an emerging concept for me. It’s normal to have coming-of-age moments and midlife crises throughout your life and you have to find ways to deal with what you can.

When it comes to stress management, my advice for myself and for anyone – don’t sweat the small stuff! Be mindful and live in the moment. At some crazy moments, I can sit back and see the humor, especially in candid moments. If you can have moments where you can appreciate things–even in the midst of chaos, that’s a great experience to have.

For fun, I like to read. I don’t watch much TV. I find random, happy mysteries at the library. Jenn McKinlay is an author I really like. She writes about a female protagonist who is single and has a couple of romantic things going on, but she’s busy running a business and random things happen in her life.”

Lance Jimenez, 24, Shipping Specialist:

“For fun, I play a lot of computer games. I’m trying to get into computers. I play with my kids, too. We like going out to the park a lot to play Pokémon. I’ve also always been into superheroes. My boys are, too, so we wear a lot of superhero shirts. The games I play on my computer are generally superheroes like Flash or Superman which are my favorites.

I also like to read stories about time travel and science fiction in general “Back to the Future” is one of my favorites. Flash can time travel. That’s why he is one of my favorites.

I like Marvel but grew up more with DC Comics characters. The hype around Marvel movies has skyrocketed. My earliest memories of superheroes include Batman, Superman, Green Lantern. I have a more personal connection with DC Comics but I like both.”

Jake Inkster, 23, Shipping Specialist:

"For fun, I like to play on my NES [Nintendo Entertainment System] Classic. It’s the first Nintendo. They remade it. There are about 30 games. I like video games, especially old games. My favorite is “Call of Duty.”

I love watching shows like “Game of Thrones,” “Breaking Bad,” “New Girl,” “Supernatural.” And I love watching movies. My favorites are the new “Star Wars” movies. I’m also a huge super hero nerd. I love anything Marvel or DC. Some of my favorites are “Deadpool,” “Flash” and I love “Suicide Squad.” I’m most like Flash because he’s a nerd and intelligent. And it’s cool that when Flash is running, his senses are heightened.”

Clarisa Reyes, 21, Packaging Lead:

“I like to go to the movies. I like scary movies and comedies are my favorites. Mostly, I’d rather spend time with family.”

Citlaly Mendivil, 26, Packaging Supervisor:

“For fun, I like dancing, going to the movies and shopping–especially for shoes. I have a lot of shoe –like 70 or more pairs. I have all different types–from high heels, to tennis shoes.My mom is always complaining!”

Mike Mesa, 29, Shipping Specialist:

“I like to watch movies with my fiancé at home like mystery movies and sports movies. Jackie Robinson’s “42” is one of my favorites and I also like Batman and Superman movies.”