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Posted on Jun 26, 2017

The concept of six degrees of separation is fascinating. This is the idea that everyone on Earth is only separated by six people in between them. Do you think everyone on our planet is that closely connected? Check out this video that explains the science of six degrees of separation.

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It also can be cool to figure out if we’re related to celebrities. There are a few websites that offer quizzes or tools to help you find out if you have any celeb relatives. But we took a faster approach and simply asked some of our employees if they have celebrity relatives. Here’s what they had to say.

Rachel Kennedy, 25, Sales Coordinator:

John Heder of “Napolean Dynamite” is a distant cousin. When I was in eight grade, everyone was obsessed with the movie. My grandpa told me we are related and the movie took place in southern Idaho (and I’m from Idaho).”

Lance Jimenez, 24, Shipping Specialist:

“My wife’s uncle is the [former] football player Joe Germaine. Now he coaches and started a new program for youth with Andre Ethier who is a baseball player for the Dodgers."

Jake Inkster, 23, Shipping Specialist:

“I might be related to the golfer Julie Inkster.”

Do you have any celebrity relatives?