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Posted on Jun 26, 2017

Just do a Google News search about Millennial finances and you’ll see all kinds of articles about how Millennials are facing overwhelming debt, how money is affecting Millennials’ love lives, why Millennials need financial education, why Millennials are better at finances than their parents–or even that Millennials “suck at buying new cars.”

We talked with some of our Millennial employees who shared their thoughts and tips on finances–even some spending weaknesses.

Rachel Kennedy, 25, Sales Coordinator:

“I’m kind of cheap. My advice is to know yourself and know your limitations. I can spend hours in Walmart and Target. I can be grocery shopping and then I see something that gets my attention. Be focused and know what your weaknesses are.”

Lance Jimenez, 24, Shipping Specialist:

“My wife and I have a big family. What we’ve done best is communicate with each other how we spend money. Many people have split accounts. But having the same bank account helps keep communication going. I let my wife know I’m spending $50 so she knows we’ll have $50 less in our account. Also, whenever we swipe our card – so for every transaction – $1 is automatically pulled into savings.”

Jake Inkster, 22, Shipping Specialist:

“I’d like to learn how to be smarter about money and control myself. My dad recommended a budgeting app, but I only used it for one week. I collect Funko Pops! – little collectable figures. I blow my money on these every time I see one! I also love shoes. Sneakers like Jordans and Nikes. I have more than 30 pairs of shoes. I keep them in my closet and some are still in boxes. I have one $200 pair of shoes (LeBron 11 Lows Easter edition) that haven’t even touched my feet.”

Clarisa Reyes, 21, Packaging Lead:

“I like to go shopping for purses – like Micheal Kors and Coach purses. I usually don’t buy clothes – just purses and I have quite a few. It’s hard for me to save money. I try to save but don’t know what I spend money on. I would like to know how to save money and know how much will go to savings and how much will go to me.”

Citlaly Mendivil, 26, Packaging Supervisor:

“It’s hard to save money. I would like more tips on how to save. I have my account and a savings account. For every paycheck, $100 goes into savings automatically.”

Michael Mesa, 29, Shipping Specialist:

“Any coin I find, I put it in a five-gallon jug. I started doing this when my daughter was born. I cashed it in last year and it was over $400. Any penny helps. It might not feel like it but just save it. Put it away. Piggy banks are a good way to save money!”

What money tips would you suggest?